B-A students receive more than $50,000 in scholarships


Mr. Schreier

B-A seniors were all smiles about their scholarships.

Jarrett Taneyhill, News Editor

May 9, was the 29th annual Achievement Recognition and Scholarship Banquet.

The night started out with senior class advisor Mrs. Sally Padula introducing the valedictorian and the salutatorian of the class of 2016.   Kerri Little was awarded the valedictorian and Laycee Clark was awarded the salutatorian.

After dinner, Assistant Principal Mrs. Cathy Adams introduced the guests that were in attendance and High School Principal Mr. Richard Schreier began announcing the scholarships that would be awarded. Over $54,000 worth of scholarship money was awarded to a 45 seniors.

The following scholarships were awarded.

$250 South Hills School of Business & Technology Scholarship: Elizabeth Whaley

$250 STAR Team Scholarship: Makala Doyle

$250 Boys’ Track and Field Scholarship: Noah D’Angelo

$250 Girls’ Track and Field Scholarship: Raegan Plowman

$250 “Miss R” Scholarship: Elizabeth Whaley

$250 French Club Scholarship: Hannah Klesius

$250 Darrin G. Watters Memorial Scholarship: Marissa Panasiti

$250 B-A Alumni Scholarships (2): Kala Wooten and Laycee Clark

$500 Barb and Kent Wilson Memorial Scholarships: Amelia McDermott

$500 B-A Class of 1983 Scholarship: Abbey Crider

$500 Class of 1984 Scholarship: Michael Yohn

$500 RSM Scholarship: Nathan Davis

$500 Choral Scholarship: Emily Hoover

$500 B-A Class of 1972: Kelcie Dennis

$500 B-A Band Scholarship Revel Southwell

$500 Caracciolo Sheet and Metal Scholarship: Blair Poorman

$500 Andrews and Beard Law Firm Academic Scholarship: Anastasia Shawley

$500 M&T Bank Scholarship: Justin Gunsallus

$500 Bellwood-Antis Knights of Columbus Scholarship: Devin Burr

$500 Lions Club Scholarship: Makala Doyle

$500 Class of ’64 Scholarship: Maria McFarland

$500 Jean Harker Memorial Scholarship: Nicholas Perry

$500 First Commonwealth Bank Scholarship: Brande Robinson

$500 Forshey Family Scholarship: Nathaniel Mackreth

$500 DJB Scholarship: Matthew Perry

$500 Tyler/Lovrich Family Scholarship: Caroline Taylor

$500 Northern Blair Kiwanis Club Scholarship in memory of Howard Walker: Nicolas Mallory

$500 Northern Blair Kiwanis Club Scholarship in memory of Harold Wagner: Edyn Convery

$500 Northern Blair Kiwanis Club: Ashley Dutrow

$500 Thomas Otto Family Scholarship: Caroline Showalter

$500 Captain James “Whitey” Stephens Memorial Scholarship (Sponosred by the B-A Class of 1960): Raegan Plowman

$500 Linette Allen Memorial Scholarship (2): Taylor Hinkle and Julianna Lusk

$500 Bud Grazier Memorial Scholarship (2) (Sponsored by BA Youth Football League): Emilee Astore and Jacob McCaulley

$500 B-A Community Choir: Luke Hollingshead

$500 PSADA Scholarship (2): Marissa Panasiti and Jacob McCaulley

$500 Dennis L. McClellan Sr. Memorial Scholarship: Nathan Davis and Christopher Henry

$750 Mary Jane Barr Memorial Scholarship: Hannah Klesius

$750 Bellwood-Antis PTO Scholarships (2): Emily Hoover and Mariah Younker

$1,000 Tyler/Lovrich Families Scholarship: Jake Burch

$1,000 Dr. & Mrs. Christopher McClellan Scholarship: Maria McFarland

$1,000 Richard McEldowney Memorial Scholarships (2): Michael Yon and Angela Young

$1,000 DelGrosso Foods Inc. Scholarship: Caroline Taylor

$1,000 Thelma Rittenhouse Scholarships: Jake Burch

$1,000 Duane Hollen Memorial Scholarship (Sponsored by Boyer Refrigeration):

$1,000 Thelma Fowler Memorial Scholarships (2): Marissa Panasiti and Raegan Plowman

$1,000 Fraternal Order of Eagles Scholarships: Christina Kowalski and Gabrielle Troutman

$1,150 Harshman Family Scholarship: Brennan McKendree

$1,500 Mrs. Corrie Fisher Memorial Scholarship: Ashley Dutrow

$1,500 David W. Lewis, Jr. Family Scholarship: Kala Wooten

$1,500 United Veterans Club Scholarship: Paige Dinges

$1,500 Class of ’44 Scholarships (2): Noah D’Angelo and Makala Doyle

$2,500 Leonard C. Rossi Memorial Scholarship: Abbey Crider

$2,500 Hostler Memorial Scholarship: Kerri Little and Laycee Clark

$5,000 Bruno DeGol, Sr. Memorial Scholarship: Zane Wenner

High school honor and distinguished honor students were also recognized.

Students were also recognized for a variety of things such as band, chorus, speech league, FFA, GACTC, and SAT scores.

The banquet was a great way to recognize all of the success Bellwood-Antis High School has had as a school this year.