What is the future of the library?

B-A at a transitional phase with the traditional book exchange


Bryce Graham

Now that the Media Center is attracting more students than ever, the traditional library doesn’t get quite as much business as it once did.

Myranda Mamat, Staff Writer

The Bellwood-Antis High School library underwent a large renovation last summer.

With the addition of the Media Center, kids who are in study halls can now come down and sit on comfy couches, use the school’s wi-fi and buy food, or watch the news on the new flat screen.

Although the high school is seeing a massive growth in students who are spending their study halls at the Media Center, the problem is the traditional library isn’t being used anymore.

We are going to expand and modernize what remains of the library that is still there.

— Ms. Forshey

Last month, BAHS had a staff meeting to generate ideas for what to do with the lack of usage of the library. Many teachers gave their input and the staff came up with a resolution.

“We are going to expand and modernize what remains of the library that is still there,” said Ms. Forshey, Director of Instructional Technology & Media.

“In the meeting we talked about making the Media Center the hub of the school and  a place that we can really build school spirit. We’ve got school spirit but we want to make it better,” said Superintendent Dr. Thomas McInroy.

Dr. McInroy gave the basic breakdown of how the library’s transition has three main goals.

“One is to have the special education students do some of their transition program so they can learn skills. They will learn entrepreneurial skills by helping out in the café and learn how to take inventor, and learning all the things that make up business.

“The next thing we want to create is a college-like student union. It will be a place for kids to go and unwind and relax after they had taken a huge test,  for example,” said Dr. McInroy.

The last section of the library will be dedicated to helping students prepare for college and for real life after school.

“Finally (we want to) show kids how to do research and to learn that books can be for enjoyment. But we also want to teach things that are helpful in the real world as well. We are hoping to teach coding and other useful skills that kids can use after school,” said Dr. McInroy

After the library is finished, Dr. McInroy and Ms. Forshey still have plans for new projects coming up.

“We are going to work and try and add a makerspace into the middle school. Kids can make things using electronics, robotics, and infuse all kinds of projects that aren’t technology-based.  It’s a hands on inquiry-based exploration space for kids,” said Ms. Forshey.

Dr. McInroy said there is also the possibility of using the library space after school hours to further meet the needs of Bellwood-Antis students.

“We are hoping to do something with after school, to get help with homework in the Media Center, maybe run by another organization so that kids can get the help they need and not feel like they are being judged,” said Dr. McInroy. “We would also like to have a place for kids to stay after school when they have an activity or a game so that they aren’t running home and running back. Instead they can get a snack and work on homework.”