ATHLETES OF THE WEEK: Middle school basketball champs


Courtesy photo

The middle school basketball team won its championship at the Central Blair Rec League.

Corbin Nale, Staff Writer

If you ask  B-A’s middle school basketball players, a team is not just a couple kids that like a sport together and play it.

“A team is family,” says sixth grader Chole Brown.

“My team is like a second family because they are always there for you,” says classmate Chloe Hammond. Jessie Corrado said, “A team is people who have your back.” “People who support you,” said Kailynn Hinish.

All of the girls are members of the Bellwood-Antis elementary basketball team, which recently won the Central Blair Rec championship in Altoona. The group was coached by Scott Baker and Dustin Hess.

Emma Longsinger says, “A Team is friends who work together to complete a goal.”

All together, a team is so much more than what you can think. As a team, you can accomplish aspirations and goals. And when achieving those, you have the best time!

Those are some of the reasons the young Lady Devils have such a unique bond.

Olivia Hess says, “We all work hard together, and have fun together.”

Team members include: Chole Brown, Chole Hammond, Jessie Corrado, Lainey Quick, Ava Kensinger, Kailynn Hinish, Carey Musselman,  Olivia Baney, Emma Longsinger, Annie Bardell, Olivia Hess, and Morgan Bowser.

To win the title was always a goal for this group of girls.

Lainey Quick said she “set a goal for herself to do her absolute best in every game.” She always wanted to play at 110% and score more points than the last game she played.

Morgan Bowser set a goal to “practice as much as I can and get better every time.” Hustling, playing hard, and wanting her team to work together and win is a goal that Olivia Hess places down for herself.

To the girls winning the championship was a great accomplishment.

Chloe Hammond says, “It meant a lot because we learned all new plays, worked really hard, and we deserved to win”.

With anything, there come memories. These are what you can take on through your whole life and always look back on. Winning the championship game is something that the team and girls will be able to carry on and remember at any time.

For Ava Kensinger, her favorite memory while playing was “making my first basket and playing with Coach Scott Baker.” Most of the time a memory you take is an achievement, but for Morgan Bowser and Carey Musselman it was a funny and enjoying moment they will remember forever.

Carey says, “Morgan and I were running, and Morgan jumped onto my back. We both fell and she hurt her leg, and I hurt my hip.” Even though they both got hurt, they got up and laughed about the situation and will always remember it.

We hope to see these girls to become Lady Blue devils in their future basketball career and we wish them the best of luck in the seasons to come.