Artist of the Week: Abby Watters


Sakeria Haralson

Abby Watters is improving as an artist every day.

Jestelynn Heaton, Staff writer

This week’s Artist of the Week, and the first of the 2018-19 school year, is Abby Waters.

Abby said she likes to draw every form of art that does not involve childish topics.

Abby has been interested in art since fifth grade. She started out with an interest in drawing eyes and progressed to drawing more complex pieces of art. Since then, Abby has loved drawing art in her free time.

She took art class with Mrs. McNaul this year to improve her art skills and become a better artist. By the end of the year, Abby hopes to work on complex drawings, which she has already started working on, according to Mrs. McNaul.

“She loves to draw eyes, but lately she has been venturing out and doing more scientific illustrations,” Mrs. McNaul said. Some of her recent drawings include a heart, bones and a hand.

“I plan on being able to draw more complex drawings without struggling to finish the project,” said Abby.

Mrs. McNaul said Abby is part of an artistic family.

“She has always demonstrated artistic talent, even in middle school,” Mrs. McNaul said. “It’s evident from the other people in her family, like her cousin Jimmy Watters, it runs in her blood.”