Artist of the week: Emily Osborne


Kaelynn Behrens

Emily Osborne loves being in the kitchen!

This week’s artist of the week is junior, Emily Osborne. 

Although Emily does not have much previous experience with cooking, she has some great toast cooking skills. She took Home Ec. this year to improve her cooking skills.  

Just like most other kids in Home Ec. Emily prefers to cook rather than sew because you get to eat the food you cook, which can be a snack for most people before their lunches.  

Making food is not the only part of Home Ec. that she likes.  

“The thing I like most about Home Ec. is getting to eat the food I cook and sitting by Riley Amerine,” said Osborne.  

Osborne took this class this year for the opportunity to eat food in the middle of the day.