Mastering High School: The Most Powerful Thing You Can Do


Complimenting others is the best medicine.

If you are in school, you may feel like you can’t do anything worthwhile until you graduate. However, there is something easy and powerful that you can do right now. You can compliment others.

Compliments are the most powerful thing in the world especially if you do it right. Instead of complimenting someones shirt, compliment them. Don’t say, “I love your shirt” instead, say, “That shirt really compliments your eyes.” That makes the person feel good about themselves. Think deep. The deeper more meaningful compliments are what society needs. Say something like, “That was so thoughtful of you.” Or, “You’re so tall, I wish I was as tall as you.” Or even, “Wow, you put so much effort into that.” As an introvert, I know that it can be awkward to just randomly blurt out compliments, but handing out sincere compliments is everyone’s secret superpower.

Everyone is self-absorbed. Not arrogant, but everyone is always thinking about himself or herself. We all wonder, “Do I look nice, Did I say anything weird, and what are they thinking about me?” Imagine if you gave them a compliment. The insecurities go away and they feel good about themselves. Your compliment assured them that they are okay. Every teenager wants to feel a sense of security and your compliments can give that.

Often after receiving a compliment, people are in a better mood. Thus, the people around them are influenced by their cheerful attitude. Compliments can have a ripple effect. We all want compliments and good feedback. With an positive mindset, the person you complimented will influence others with the same joyous vibes.

When you consider how people feel when they get a wonderful compliments, it is obvious that giving out compliments is the most powerful thing you can do. Giving compliments is easy, simple, and everyone can do it. By the way, people who give compliments are heroes because they inspire others and make them rise higher. Compliments are our secret super power.