Artist of the Week: Dominic Faith


Kerry Naylor

Dominick Faith is enjoying his time in music and theater.

Jestelynn Heaton, Staff Writer

This week’s artist of the week is senior Dominick Faith.  

Dominick is all around musically inclined. He has been in band since fourth grade, but he couldn’t join marching band until late into junior high school. He played the trombone for marching band, but he also plays the bass, guitar and ukulele in his free time.

Dominick quit the marching band after three short years. Although he is no longer in the band, he still has a history with the piano. Dominick believes the piano is the greatest instrument to use to help with the singing career for anyone.

Soon into eighth grade, Cooper Burns brought him into the Bellwood-Antis choir.  

Although Dominic is now well experienced in the theater, it wasn’t always that way. Just like most people, he took the time to practice and get better at something he loved. He started out the first day of chorus in middle school not knowing what to do or how to do it.  

Auditioning can be challenging for a lot of people, but when you get into the business of being on stage and talking in front of people, you have to throw away the shyness.”

— Dominick Faith

“I can remember about the first day in chorus quite vividly just talking though the music and Cooper looking over at me telling me I had to put some pitch into it, which requires me to actually sing,” Dominick recalled about the first time he experienced chorus.  

Faith started out as a Bass II for high school chorus because of how deep his voice can go and his vocal range. With participating in musicals such as GodSpell and other theater productions, Dominick has moved up to a Bass I because it is used more in the musical theater world.  

This year, Dominick went to district’s for singing. He had to go against 40 other guys in districts, where they only take the top 24 on to regionals.

According to Faith, singing is a vulnerable thing, which can make it hard to perform in front of people or even do it on your own without accompaniment, which is what most auditions are.  

“Auditioning can be challenging for a lot of people, but when you get into the business of being on stage and talking in front of people, you have to throw away the shyness of being in front of people and talking,” said Dominick. 

He never thought he would perform or advance to regionals when we first started to sing. Dominick got the 12th seat to regionals out of 12 people. Going to regionals is a ticket to go to a festival and perform again, and it is also a ticket so states if you proceed.  

Dominick not only works with the high school chorus and theater, but he also works with the Iron Bridge Theater in Grazierville. He was asked to audition for the Iron Bridge at the end of last school year in June. He sang the Jesus part to “All for the best” from GodSpell because he already knew that part. They brought in a choreographer to add some dance steps to his audition, but Dominick had never danced before.

The Iron Bridge became Dominick’s summer job, and he has kept it throughout his senior year of high school. He has been in Newsies, Nana’s Naughty Knickers, Don’t let it Snow, and Maybe Baby I Do.   

The prices for the Iron Bridge Theater are $46 a ticket, which includes a buffet for an hour, an intermission, and the show.  

Dominick not only sings and acts for the Iron Bridge, but he will also sweep the floors, clean the dishes for them, stage manage, or assist directing the next show. This is a good first job for anyone in the acting career or trying to be in the acting career.