Landon Bungo

Karlie Feathers has been singing since she was a young child.

Renee VanProoyen, Staff Writer

The BluePrint’s Artist of the Week for this week is senior Karlie Feathers. She is the chorus president and also plays the ukulele and tambourine.

 Karlie had hoped that she would be chorus president, so that she could represent her choir and pray before all of the concerts. 

“It feels amazing to be the Chorus President,”says Karlie.

She has always had a passion for singing, even when she was young, when she was was always singing. Karlie said she could never see herself not involved in music in some way.

Outside of concert choir, Karlie is in the National Honors Society and Renaissance Club. She also plays volleyball, sings in show choir, and sings at Arts Night every year.

If she’s not exercising her vocal chords in a formal setting, Karlie sings in her church worship band, in the car, her room, or with her friends.