Artist of the week- Raven Criscitello


Courtesy photo

Raven Criscitello is solid in the kitchen.

This week the BluePrint has chosen Raven Criscitello for Artist of the Week.

Raven took an interest in cooking because she loves the amount of creativity involved with it. Raven has been interested in cooking ever since she watched her family cook meals as a young child and she wanted to join in and learn more.

Her inspiration came from classmate Lexi Diamond. She loves to watch her bake and it inspires her to bake more.

Raven loves making banana bread, but also is also partial to Penne with vodka sauce.

The senior definitely has the talent to use in her future and will go far with her cooking.

“Even though I do love Chick-Fil-A and Dino Nuggets, a meal made from scratch is always good,” she said.