Artist of the week: Noah Green


Rorie Wolf

Noah Green is balancing athletics with his love for instrumental music.

This week’s artist of the week is Noah Green.

Noah is a musician as well as an athlete. While he runs track in the spring, he spends most of the year practicing and playing percussion. But his talent don’t stop there: Noah also plays piano and guitar.

In his free time Noah is always trying to find different ways to make music. The biggest inspiration Noah had came from friend Noah Hoover. He saw his love and passion for music and playing guitar and it got him interested in it.

Noah got into music around  the age of 5 because his parents went to a concert and brought back cd’s, with which he instantly fell in love. Noah also runs sprints and does hurdles in track. He balances his time by improving his running and in his spare time he makes music.

An interesting fact about  Noah is he enjoys long walks on the beach.