Emalee Strong

Abi Eckenrod plays two instruments, including the bass guitar.

Emalee Strong, Staff Writer

Playing an instrument might seem like an individual activity, but for Abi Eckenrod it’s definitely taken a group effort. 

“My biggest influence to play my instruments is my family, friends, and some celebrities,” Eckenrod said. “Without them I would’ve given up because I was too busy with school work.”

Abi plays multiple instruments: flute, piccolo, bass guitar, and a little bit of piano. She decided to play the bass guitar because Mr. Sachse mentioned back when Abi was in seventh grade that bass guitar would be an option in the after-school jazz band. It was then that the idea struck an interest to her. 

Mr. Sachse helps with all of Abi’s instruments, but before COVID hit she was taking lessons outside of school.

She practices her flute three or four times a week, but she’s trying to practice more, and she practices her bass almost every day.