Just juniors: Conner Bardell


This weeks’ spotlight student is junior, Conner Bardell. Conner has been going to Bellwood since kindergarten.

“My favorite class is math because I sit by Jase Hostler,” Said Conner.

Conner participates in many different sports such as basketball, baseball, and soccer. Of all of the memories he’s made in all of these sports, he says, “My favorite sports memory is when Chris Walls would look down at the line before shooting a three and still step over.”

Conner’s plans for the future consist of trying to become a pro gamer; if this does not happen, he says he’d like to be a garbage man.

In his free time, Conner says he likes to hunt buck and go fishing. His favorite song genre is country, with his favorite song being “Big Green Tractor.”

Conner also has a gamer side to him, playing Fortnite and Rocket League whenever he gets the chance to.

“Fortnite is what makes me happy. Even though I’m not good, I still love the game,” he said.

Thanks to Conner and good luck in your future at B-A.