Athlete of the Week: Ethan McGee


Tierra Mahute

Junior Ethan McGee running the ball.

This football season junior Ethan McGee has been stepping it up for the team.

Last week McGee was out of the game after the first quarter due to an injury.

Before he was injured he was making moves for the Blue Devils that gave them a slight head start over Northern Bedford.

The Blue Devils fell behind and lost 41-20.

On the season McGee has 13 receptions for 209 yards. He’s also got three interceptions on defense.

This week the Blue Devils take on the Glendale Vikings at 7 on their turf.

Blueprint: How did you get involved with football?

McGee: I started playing when I was 6 for West-Antis.

Blueprint: How do you feel about your season so far?

McGee: It’s been good.

Blueprint: Are you confident that the game will go your teams’ way this Friday?

McGee: Yes, we have worked hard to bounce back from Northern Bedford.

Blueprint: How do you feel knowing you’re out for at least this week? How do you plan to return back once you’re cleared?

McGee: It’s hard having to sit out and not be able to do the thing you want most but, once I get cleared my return back will be hype and very exciting.

Blueprint: What advice do you have for younger players?

McGee: Work hard, take no days off, and chase your dreams.

Blueprint: Do you plan to play football after high school?

McGee: Yes, I have interest from a few colleges and would be blessed for an opportunity to continue playing.

Blueprint: Do you like basketball or football better?

McGee: Football, it comes easier to me and I just love the game.