Artist of the Week: Lincoln Boyer


Hope Shook

Lincoln Boyer poses with one of his paintings from art class.

This week’s Artist of the Week is junior Lincoln Boyer.  

Lincoln has been interested in the arts for 12 years. He picked up a love for art at a young age. He started at about 5 or 6 years old. Starting at such a young age, he was able to build the foundation for his interests and skills.  

Although he has been building his foundation for many years, Lincoln still finds things he wants to improve on.  

“I hope to improve, not only my technique, but also the creativity that goes into making any piece of art,” said Boyer. 

 High school art teacher, Mrs. McNaul, has her own opinion on Lincoln’s skills. 

“Lincoln has produced creative pieces this year and has stood out among his peers for his pen and ink works. Lincoln creates abstract and surrealistic pen and inks that bends imagination and tantalizes optical illusions. His work is innovative, and we are blessed to be able to interact and experience it,”  

When it comes to art, Lincoln enjoys it for many reasons. Some of these reasons include for pleasure, to relieve some of his stress, and because he is good at what he does.  

Although there are several forms of art, Lincoln doesn’t have a favorite.  

“I don’t have a favorite form of art because I enjoy making all forms of it. Each art form is unique, and with each art form there is a challenge of conveying an artist’s thoughts and techniques in a new way,” said Boyer.  

With only being a junior, Lincoln does not have a solid plan for the years following high school. Whatever he chooses to pursue, he wants to use art skills in his career.