Artist of the Week: Jayce Miller


Emma Chronister

Jayce Miller is a standout singer for the Bellwood-Antis choir.

This Artist of the week is freshman, Jayce Miller.  

Jayce has been singing since she was only four years old. Miller has been interested in singing since a young age because she likes how she can use her voice. She sings anywhere and everywhere that she can when the opportunity presents itself.  

I take voice lessons, participate in church choir, musicals, and vocal/musical camps,” said Miller.  

With this being her first year in high school choir, Jayce has big plans for herself in the next three years. Miller not only plans on being in another musical, she also has personal goals for herself. 

 “My goal in singing is to improve my confidence and my voice,” said Miller. 

With high school choir, she sings songs from musicals, pop songs, and older songs.  

After graduation, Jayce plans to do either occupational therapy or speech pathology. A speech pathologist involves the way the mouth/brain function, so this job will relate to singing in how the mouth functions.