Gaining a sense of self


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Developing a strong self image can be a challenge throughout middle and high school.

Kaia Claypoole, Staff Writer

The hardest thing I have been through was getting bullied. Ever since second grade, I have gotten bullied but it ended around 8th grade. Whenever this was happening to me, I have never been able to show my true self throughout school because of how bad it was. In the end, my life has gotten better after everything happened. 

During the time period, I never was happy. The harsh words they told me genuinely got to me and hurt my feelings. I was an outcast because I did not fit in with the other kids. I also didn’t have any other friends besides them which made it worse. I never stood up for myself because I was always afraid something would have happened if I told them anything.

Middle school was mostly the worst year for me because of the bullying. I would get talked behind my back, things said to my face, I always got in trouble for things that I didn’t do. It always came back onto me for being the bad guy. One day, things made a real dark turn. 

My mom got super sick. Whenever that happened to her, I just felt so broken because my mom is my best friend, my pride and joy, my protector. She could’ve died because of how serious her injury was. Luckily she got surgery and is all healed and a lot better now. Throughout the time when my mom was home and she could barely do anything so I helped her through everything. One day, the girl who bullied me was harassing me and just calling me names and a liar and all of this other stuff when my mom is in pain. After that, I could not stand it any more. I figured it was time for a change in my friend group(s).

In 8th grade, I made a new group of friends. I could finally stand up for myself after those girls have ridiculed me for so long. I was honestly so glad that I cut them out of my life because I was put through so much crap whenever I was friends with them.

My friend group(s) now have changed my life for the better. They don’t ridicule me, they don’t call me rude names, etc. They treat me with respect. They show me love. They show me compassion. I am beyond thankful to have all of them in my life. They are the true friends I have needed for a long time.

Here is some advice: Don’t let people control you. Don’t let them bring you down. You have the power to go out and stand up for yourself and your peers who are going through the same exact thing. Don’t be me and just let it happen to you. Stand up for yourself because you do not need that negative energy in your life. You do not need those toxic people in your life. If anything gets worse, contact an adult. They will be able to take care of it.

Just a small appreciation: Thank you to the people who have helped me through so much when all of this was happening and thank you now for whenever I am going through a lot. All of your positive thoughts have made me stronger as a person and it has taught me to believe in myself a lot more so thank you for everything.