Sports Talk: Jr. high girls’ basketball


Mackenzie Weber

The Lady Blue Devils talk about their upcoming basketball season.

As the fall sports seasons winds down, the winter sports seasons are getting set to begin. That means the junior high girls’ basketball team is ready for yet another successful season. The Lady Blue Devils played their hearts out last year, and I think if the girls try their best, work hard, and come together as a team, they can do anything. I interviewed some of the basketball players to get their thoughts on how they think this year is going to go, their future plans, and why they chose to play basketball. Here’s what they had to say.

Jenna Norton, Grade 8 

Q.) You’ve been playing basketball a long time, right? What made you choose the sport?

A.) Yeah, I wanted something to do and I chose basketball.

Q.) What is one thing you’re excited about going into a new basketball season?

A.) Getting the opportunity to get to play the teams we lost to last year and to try to get better.

Q.) For people that are scared or nervous about joining basketball but really want to, what would you tell them? 

A.)  I say join because everyone would be helping you get better and wouldn’t be judging you for being a new player. You never know how good you may be.

Q.) What do you think makes a good coach?

A.) Someone that doesn’t yell when you make a mistake, and someone who teaches you to do better.

Rowan Kyle, Grade 8 

Q.) How do you think you’re going to do as a team this year?

A.) Probably really good.

Q.) What do you think makes a good basketball player or teammate?

A.) Sportsmanship and hustle.

Q.) How hard is basketball? 

A.) It’s pretty hard. It definitely takes your breath away.

 Q.) What is your favorite drill? 

A.) Three-on-three.

Lindsay Campbell, Grade 7 

Q.) Your sister is a star basketball player. Do you want to be like her? 

A.) I do.

Q.) Do you feel like you’re in her shadow? Why or why not?

A.) I feel like I’m getting there. She’s worked hard for her whole life, and I feel like I’m getting to that point.

Q.) If you go to college to play basketball, what would be your dream college?

A.) Either Notre Dame or UCLA.

Q.) Do you want to continue to play basketball later in life?

A.)  Yes, because it’s my passion. I’ve created a lot of memories and made a lot of friends.

The girls are super excited for the new season, and they hope the virus stays calm so they can play all of their games. If the girls practice hard and have excellent sportsmanship, I have no doubt that they’ll be undefeated. Only time will tell though. Good luck girls!

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